Division of materials handling


We distribute worldwide components of the materials handling sector for the construction of storage racks and conveyor systems.

Our minirails are produced according to your requirements. They can vary in the length of the rail and the colour of the wheels. Depending on their purpose of use the wheels can be delivered with or without a flange, and they can be electrically conductible or not.

Our strength is quality, flexibility, promptness and price competitiveness.

Our minirails:
They are made of electroplated perforated metal sheet with a thickness of 0.8 mm. The polypropylene wheels moulded by injection are available in the colours white, grey, yellow and red and with our without a rim. The wheels are mounted on a polished steel axle with a diameter of 3 mm. The minimum distance between the wheels is 33 mm and for the rimmed wheels 49.5 mm.

The rail can be cut to the desired length and mounted accordingly. The holes in the bottom with a diameter of 4 mm are made for fitting rivets or screws.

Minirails with conductive wheels:
They are used where an electric discharge is absolutely necessary.

The black wheels are made of a very conductive plastic material. The resistance coefficient to electricity is 28.8
Ω/cm², while in case of the normal black wheel (with carbon charge) it is 5 x 1010 Ω/cm².

Minirails for low temperatures:
Our minirails can also be used in refrigerating storage houses.

The blue wheels are made of high-density polyethylene and withstand temperatures up to -30°C. These rails ensure not only a high quality wheel performance, but also the perfect working of the rails even at very low temperatures.

Minirails with split wheels:
This minirail with split wheels is ideal for a better descending of small cartons or containers with a corrugated bottom.

Upholding the diameter of the mini-wheels at 28 mm, but widening its rolling surface to 11 mm, the split wheel can then be placed at a distance of 16.5 mm between the axles. Consequently, the number of contact points with the sliding item increases.

Dynamic racking systems:
These racking systems can be used everywhere and guarantee an efficient space management and an improvement of the productivity from 15 to 85 %.

They offer an ergonomic workplace: they ease the manipulation of heavy loads at complicated workstations.

The costs will be reduced by 40 % compared to other storage systems.

The guide-profile is perfect for carrying out a precise guided positioning of the load that slides on the minirail.

The upper profile for guiding the goods is made of electroplated metal sheet with a thickness of 0.6 mm and provided with black polypropylene protection stoppers.

The total length of the bar as well as the distances between the base profile and the upper guided profile can be defined by the customer.

The connector is made of a u-shaped zinc-coated metal sheet of a thickness of 2 mm that fits in all our storage system profiles.

It has four holes in the bottom for fastening rivets or screws and thus ensuring a good connection of two profiles and an absolute rectilinearity.

Brake ramp:
It is made of tempered steel and provided with a fine coating of special oil to protect it against corrosion.

The brake ramp is simply pressed on 3 or 4 wheels so that the goods are slowed down by the friction and remain in the position the customer desires.

Anti-return stopper:
It is made of black polypropylene and fixed onto the minirail profile with a polished steel rod of 3 mm.

Being able to tilt, it allows the goods to enter, then blocks their way so that they cannot return once the products have passed.

Anti-opening clip:
This clip of stainless steel with a diameter of 1.5 mm is pressed in the upper holes of the rail, held in the holes by pressure and so avoiding the opening of the rail.

The clips are especially used to prevent the wheels from sinking into the railing, above all at the ends of the bars, where the pressure caused by severe load manipulation is extremely high.

Holding clip:
It is ideal for joining the profiles to the structure.

This clip is made of tempered steel and provided with a fine coating of special oil to protect it against corrosion. Its optimum use is on crossbars of 2-4 mm.

Precisely mounted, not only on the bar but also on the structure, it is connected to the structure by use of "fingernails" that are pressed onto the crossbar.